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Big Band

Showcasing our unique cultural heritage by highlighting the many talents on the island.



These sections will depict our traditional folklore characters, but with a modern twist.



Embark on a journey to explore prominent cultural and traditional Tobago-centric folklore figures.


Soucouyant (Designed by Natalie Fonrose) The soucouyant, is also known as a woman by day, but at night, she can shed her skin and transform into a fireball. She can fly in this form, usually identified by its bright yellow, orange, and red tone shooting across the dark skies.

Gang Gang Sarah

An African witch who was blown off course to Tobago on a strong wind and landed in the village of Les Coteaux. She chose to stay for a while to search for her family. but when at last she decided to go home found that she had lost the power of flight because she had eaten salt during her stay in Golden Lane, Tobago.

Fairymaid and Mermaid (mermen)

In Tobago mermaids are male and live in the deep, deep sea. They mate with the fairy maids of the rivers and the secret mountain pools.

arcadia mas

Anansi Reborn


Gang Gang Sarah

arcadia mas

Fairymaid and Mermaid (mermen)

Tobago Carnival 2022

October 28th – 30th 2022

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